Creativity is Magic; Show Us Your Art.

Creativity is Magic; Show Us Your Art.

Creativity is Magic; Show Us Your Art is a post that highlights the power of art in our lives and the barriers artists face in the art industry. It emphasizes the importance of promoting and sustaining engagement in the arts while eliminating attitudinal, functional, and practical obstacles. The post encourages artists of all backgrounds to get involved and showcases their work on an inclusive platform. It recognizes art as a significant part of our culture and invites artists to share their creative brilliance.
Creativity is Magic; Show Us Your Art.

When it comes to art, it has the power to change lives. In the short term, creating and broadening your worldview is fun. A quick visit to a museum reveals that in the long term, long after our civilization has ended, art will remain a surviving part of us. But the privilege of showing art is enjoyed in different ways. The arts sector is diverse, with some of the greatest works imaginable and equally impressive spectacles. Just as art varies in character, so do the artists. We allow people to engage in different art forms while unleashing the community's artistic talents.

Artists face significant and enduring barriers, that make it challenging to get involved and stay involved in the art arena. Some of these barriers are easy to see, while others are deep-seated. Attitudinal barriers (feeling like the arts aren't for people like you), functional barriers (the lack of opportunities to take part in the arts even if you want to), and practical barriers (prohibitive pricing, lack of information, and inconvenient timing and location) are all entrenched to artists engaging in the arts. We work in tandem with artists to eliminate these barriers and create profound change in promoting, activating, and sustaining engagement.
Active involvement for artists who have preconceived ideas and outcomes can be complex. While we know the pressure of showcasing art, sustained engagement has been linked to establishing ongoing dialogue about arts and culture while promoting more comprehensive confidence in how the artists work.

Creativity is Magic. Beyond the art form, understanding an artist's interests and identifying potential opportunities begins with showcasing their work. There may be discrepancies in resources, quality, and frequency, but we aim to widen access and engagement by removing the unwelcoming perception of elitism in art.
To spark interest and motivate artists to create, we encourage all creators to get involved regardless of their artistic background, age, or career background. Art is a tiny part of a huge thing. Participating in the art arena is particularly important to an artist's inclination to try a new experience and link their art to their community.

To help artists pursue their interests, we provide an open-call platform to showcase their art. While putting your work out there is vital, it is equally as important to put it in an inclusive and respected space like our platform. To maintain engagement and enthusiasm, a positive experience of showcasing your work can cascade into your identity as an artist, especially if you showcase your art on an inclusive platform. Artists need a template to roll out their art and show it to the world. Instead, with a shared love for all art forms, we would love for you to share your Magic and show us your work.

We benefit from an impressive breadth of artistic talent in our country; share your creative brilliance with us!