Exercise Your Mind and Dream

Exercise Your Mind and Dream

Some artists need help with the business and financial aspects, leading them to abandon their passion. Our platform is dedicated to supporting artists in pursuing their purpose and maintaining their identity, facilitating alternative ways of thinking, and fostering connections within the community. We strive to encourage exploration and creativity beyond the constraints of daily life.
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Exercise Your Mind and Dream

 When you are passionate about art, you dream of a self-directed, flexible, and adaptable art-based career path. However, survey data persistently reveals that artists are dissatisfied with the arts arena's entrepreneurial, business, and financial aspects, which eventually deters them from pursuing their passion for art.

While it's true that more people aspire to art-based careers than those who successfully achieve creative fulfillment, we have created channels to support artists who struggle to find the three dimensions of value in their job and lifestyle preferences, i.e., utility (the benefits of their career measured in both extrinsic rewards like time and money, and intrinsic rewards like creativity and fulfillment), identity (the degree to which a job or lifestyle accords with an artist's self-concept), and commitment (reinforcing an artist's commitment to their artistic aspirations).

There is a complicated relationship between an artist's desires and the undesirable circumstances of prioritizing the responsibilities of homemaking or a career that offers financial security. Art is constructed of diverse activities, and artists do not necessarily have to oppose economic success or abandon life's responsibilities for creative fulfillment.
As an artist, identity guides behavior and shapes choices in the present. However, internalizing social positions as a contingent response to external context also drives our behavior to act according to the salient sense of self. Within the art arena, sustaining your identity without paid work can be achieved with the appropriate support that enables artists to pursue their purpose and passion.

Ulysses bound himself to the mast of his ship to avoid pursuing the sirens to his death. In the same way, artists place external restraints to impose present preferences on their future selves. However, priorities change every time. Consistent participation in the arts can alter your understanding of what is meaningful, desirable, or worth pursuing.
We have created a platform to support artists devised to sustain their creative aspirations. Artistic aspirations are only realistic for some artists. Art also requires investment in time, money, and opportunity costs. Economic priorities are also a significant concern for artists. With sufficient support, artists can have one of the most valuable commodities for people in the art arena; time to create without being creatively exhausted.

Our platform enables alternative ways of thinking, connects artists to their passion, builds intercultural and interpersonal connections, and enables artists to exercise their minds and dreams. By supporting artists' visions, we encourage exploration and creativity beyond the limitations of life's responsibilities.
We support artists to navigate the constraints of creating within the drudgery of daily life and experience a state of flow in the art arena.

Exercise your mind and dream by tapping into your artistic aspirations!