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 This article discusses the impact of emerging mediums on the world of art and emphasizes the importance of access to tools and supplies for artists. Every artist's experiences and perspective shape their work, and different mediums provide unique possibilities for artistic expression. The article encourages artists to continue exploring and challenging established understandings of art to create innovative and thought-provoking pieces.
Create, Create, Create!

 Today, art has reached new heights, with new mediums constantly emerging. These emerging mediums teach artists to think in new ways and inspire innovation with personal experience and knowledge of the past. As new ways of creating and delivering art appear, artists face a battle between the rejection of tradition and technological advancement. But how do new mediums affect the art world as we know it?

 In different mediums, there are other languages, unique patterns, and possible elements that an artist combines to create new combinations and contrasts. A medium mediates and translates an artist's ideas, messages, or impulses into a piece of art, acting as a vehicle driven by their skill and sensibility. Traditionally, an artist's medium and techniques define them and their work. But the artist is the medium through which art comes to life. Art is drawn from an artist's culture, experiences, perspective, and other influencing factors. Every artist learns to see differently, and their experience over time shapes how their eye perceives what they are creating.

Seeing something in a biased way that is distinct to an artist enables them to interpret their senses, feelings, and experiences into a piece of art. Access to innumerable mediums and tools is the jumping-off point from which an artist's career begins. The opportunity to access different mediums and explore how these mediums can be used to interpret the artist's vision into art has been consistently undervalued. Repetition is necessary for acquiring skills. Careful observation to learn the nuances of composition and color shapes how an artist experiences art. But this is only possible if artists can access tools and supplies that make their entry into the art arena easier.

While it is true that art is intuitive, access to these tools and supplies opens up endless opportunities for artists to cultivate their nature. A lack of support from the art world can dishearten artists entering the art arena. We encourage artists to create repetitively, expand the boundaries of creative practices, and generally continue exploring what art is. The consequence of creating is an art that challenges and explodes established understandings of what we consider art today. New modes of thinking and making are emerging all the time. As long as artists continue the pursuit of challenging their viewers to see society, art, and aesthetics in new ways, we will be offering the support and supplies needed to create, create, create!